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Midshipmen / Student Parking

Register for Parking

To register, please fill out the below form. Scan and Pay online! Then wait for us to contact you to schedule sticker and  proximity card pick up at Gate 5!

Please note: you may also pay by credit card or cash when picking up items.


  • $175.00 - Semester (August Reform - December 23, 2024 / January Reform -                            May 31, 2025

  • $300.00 - Academic Year (August Reform - May 31, 2025)

  • $350.00 - Calendar Year (May 31, 2024 - May 31, 2025)

  • $125.00 - Summer Parking (May 28 - August 2024 Reform)

    • Note - Summer Parkers will park at Gate 5, on the Blue Side, in the first 2 rows on the asphalt​

  •   $25.00 - Parking Pass Replacement Fee (Cash only)
















Additional information

  • All transactions are final. No refunds

  • On days you are asked to move your car (noted in the contract) and it is towed, it will be towed by JP Towing Service LLC (410-224-9774). You must contact them about retrieving your vehicle.

  • Their full rates (subject to change per JP Towing Service) and contact details are below.

  • $255 per Tow
    $25 per day storage (beginning at midnight)

    JP Towing Service LLC

    33B Hudson Street
    Annapolis, MD 21401

NOTE: Only the Registered Owner  of the vehicle may pick up the car from the tow company. It is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to have Mid/Student cars registered in their name to minimize any problems.

Student Parking Request 

Thank you! We'll be in touch soon!

SCAN QR Code to Pay Online

Academic Yr
Calendar Yr

Example Parking Contract 2024-2025 Academic Year

Student Parking Contract

Navy Stadium Parking

19 W Severn Ridge Rd

Annapolis MD 21409

410-263-7151 Booth



Registration Information


Parking is for 1/C, 2/C Midshipmen, St. John’s students, and students with permission to have a car.


Please follow all applicable procedures listed in "Procedures for Obtaining a Parking Permit."


Due to security reasons, Access cards cannot be sent through the mail.


Payment must be made prior to picking up proximity card in person at the gate 5 booth on Taylor Ave. All Payments are FINAL, NO REFUNDS



If your access card is lost or stolen, immediately contact Navy Stadium Parking by e- mail ( Your card will be deactivated and a replacement card will be issued. Card replacement cost is $25, cash only.


**It is strongly encouraged to have an extra key available in case the signer is off yard or unavailable to move their vehicle when required. Being off yard/on duty/on orders/SIQ is NOT a valid reason to violate this contract**




  1. Vehicles parked in violation of the stadium rules and regulations, or vehicles that appear to be abandoned, may be towed or booted without notice. Owner will be responsible for all associated expenses related to the aforementioned actions.


  1. Any noticed damage to a vehicle while parked in the lot must be reported to the parking attendant prior to exiting the lot. Navy Stadium Parking will only be responsible for damages committed by its employees on attended lots. Accident reports must be made out while the vehicle is on the lot. Claimants should call the Navy Stadium Parking Office within 24 hours after the accident occurs. Claims for damages on the parking lots will not be accepted unless the vehicle involved was parked in accordance with the stadium rules and regulations.

  2. Navy Stadium Parking is not responsible for any personal articles left in vehicles parked in its lots.

  3. If your vehicle is damaged in any way either through accident or vandalism, please call the Annapolis Police at 410-268-9000. Please notify Navy Stadium Parking immediately after you have contacted the police. This also applies to break-ins. Most insurance policies require a police report in order to file a claim in these types of incidents.


  1. Abuse/Misuse of parking facilities may result in termination of parking privileges.

  2. Failure to abide by the parking rules or regulations may result in termination of parking privileges.

  3. Please be advised that parking attendants on duty do not have the authority to alter this written agreement at any time.



Regulations Subject to Penalties (Including potential loss of Parking Privileges)


  1. If there is no space for your vehicle, please park your vehicle inside Gate 5 in the lower rows, then contact Navy Stadium Parking at to advise them of your vehicle’s location. As your vehicle will have a 2024-2025 sticker, it will be fine in that location.

  2. Use of an access card by other than the vehicle registered.

  3. Failure to report damages made to other vehicles.


  1. Falsification of the application for parking privileges.

  2. Parking in unauthorized areas (may only park in marked parking spaces.)

  3. Vehicle parked in such a way as to occupy more than one space; vehicle parked over/on the line (s), or blocking an otherwise open space, or parked in a lot driveway.


  1. Failure to follow facility access procedures.

  2. Vehicles must be operational (not in disrepair).




* The signer of this agreement is responsible for any violation involving their vehicle.*




All midshipman/student vehicles shall be moved off the premises by 2100, 9:00 PM, the Friday night before each home football game in 2024. Vehicles must be moved on the following dates:


August 30, 2024   September 6 & 20, 2024   October 18, 2024   November 15, 2024


If your vehicle is on the lot after 2100 it will be towed and impounded. The towing fee is $255 and impoundment is $25 per day. In addition, vehicles must be moved on May 2, 2025 by 2100 the night before USNA Graduation. If the graduation date should change vehicles still must be moved the night before by 2100.


Navy Stadium Parking reserves the right to have vehicles moved 3 additional times throughout the Academic Year 2024-2025. You will be notified via e-mail and the military chain-of- command at least 10 days prior. The above contract will be strictly enforced by Navy Stadium Parking. Should any problems arise, please contact Navy Stadium Parking through phone or e-mail.





Print Name: First, Last                                                                              Cell Phone Number




 Signature                                                                                  Alpha Number



_________________Reserved for Navy Stadium Employee ____________________




_________REG.              __________Date              Emp. Initials___________

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